Dry Needling – What Is It and How Can It Help You?

Dry Needling PhysiotherapyIf you’re a runner, athlete in general or just regularly active, you’ve probably had the feeling or pain of tight muscles. Often this pain will be associated with knots or some other kind of painful lump. Whether it’s in your calves, hamstrings, glutes or anywhere else – there are ways to combat this through a range different treatments. One treatment in particular is dry needling.

Dry Needling Physiotherapy is a form of therapy for muscle pain which uses a solid filiform needle (often incorrectly referred to as an ‘acupuncture needle’). The needles are inserted into trigger points and are most effective in treating myofascial pain (generally chronic, and in some cases severe pain). The symptoms of myofascial pain are most commonly a loss of the range of movement and strength as well as chronic pain.

The Benefits of Dry Needling Physiotherapy have recently been published in a number of studies worldwide. A study from the University of Sheffield looked at the shoulder injuries of four international female volleyball athletes during a month long competitive phase. The four athletes each had myofascial pain in the shoulder area. Records were taken for range of motion, strength and pain before and after treatment with results indicating that dry needling has successful short term effect as well as the possibility of maintaining results and further reducing pain in the long term.

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