All Podiatry – Your local podiatrist in Brisbane

In the wake of advancing technology and newer instruments for treatment, the search for a podiatrist in Brisbane can return a rich and specialized turnout. Comparatively, a rather new kind of treatment for all pains and discrepancies relating to the legs, the culture of podiatry can be traced to as early as the nineties. However within a short span of time, it has been instrumental in bringing all-round relief and promises a sound treatment methodology. Still not quite known to levels of comfort among the masses, Podiatry is all about healing our legs (mainly the heels and feet) from any kind of abnormality, discrepancy or pains that are a common occurrence.

One of the most well respected and pioneering names to emerge from the list of podiatrists in Brisbane, are the All Podiatry and The Shoe Company which functions under the expert guidance of Mr. Alan McCulloch. From extensive treatment and counseling services for international sports teams he has also helmed the footwear department for international shoe brands.  The few trendsetting reasons as to why the All Podiatry and the Shoe Company has quickly surged ahead of the rest of competition among podiatrists in Brisbane can be traced to:

  • High emphasis on customized shoe culture (Orthotics) in order to help make the most of your condition of legs and feet. Improvement in performance and sustained health of lower feet and ankles are some of the long term effects.
  • In depth examination and professional assessment of the right type of treatment for the long term durability of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and other delicate nerve in lower leg regions. Result oriented consultation to overcome overall symptoms.
  • A thorough and eye-opening process of education and treatment from all kinds of abnormalities relating the nails and feet.
  • Treating the children with the best options and consultancy for a healthy and eventful future. The young legs are assessed and then treated aptly on grounds of shape, abnormal pains and other symptoms and cases of tightness, alignment and weakness of the foot.
  • Tailor-made treatment methodologies within limited budgets. Expertised modification and care for all kinds of symptoms and delegated techniques in Orthotics.
  • A superlative standard of research in modern areas to develop better walking and running conditions. Diabetic care is also a conscious area of development undertaken here.

The cause of Podiatry in Brisbane still in its formative stage and as such is yet to fully come of age. However the conscientious approach applied by some podiatrists in Brisbane like the All Podiatry and Shoe Company have had lasting impacts.

Hide Your Fungal Toes No Longer with Nail Laser Therapy

Fungal toenails or Onychomycosis is a condition of the toe nails which get infected by fungus. Since fungus flourishes in dark and moist conditions, the toe nail beds, when not kept clean provide an ideal place for the fungus to flourish. Sweaty feet due to improper ventilating shoes can give rise to the fungal infection. The toenails when affected with such a condition become discoloured, yellow, thick and brittle. However, there is respite as there are several treatment options available for curing the problem.

Australian residents now have access to some of the best nail treatment options in Brisbane. Besides the regular treatment methods, the nail treatment center in Brisbane provides the ultra-modern laser treatment, which is non-invasive and highly effective for treating the fungal toenails.

The new laser treatment method used by the centres of nail surgery in Brisbane treat fungal toenails by directing the laser light energy of a specific wavelength on the infected area. The direct focusing of the laser on to the fungus heats it to the point that it gets killed without harming the surrounding tissues and skin. The procedure is relatively safe and has fewer side effects than other fungal toenail treatment methods. There are several other benefits of the nail laser therapy and these are as follows:

  • The procedure is safe and has no side effects as compared to the oral medications and topical treatments pursued for treating fungal toenails.
  • While the topical treatment methods and medicines take a long time to treat the fungal infection, the laser therapy provides a quick treatment solution and a person can be free of the infection in an hour. Generally one session of the laser therapy is enough to get rid of the fungal infection.
  • Effective fungal removal is the USP of the laser treatment as the fungal toenail causing spores are removed by the root inhibiting the chances of a recurrence. Moreover, one can be assured of healthy and pink nails with the freedom to wear all types of shoes.
  • Convenience and ease of the treatment method adds to the list of benefits of the laser therapy for treating the fungal toenails. One does not have to smear ointments, creams or remember to take pills. Centres for nail treatment in Brisbane usually call for a single session of laser therapy.

With the new nail treatment in Brisbane, one can forget the ugly and discoloured fungal toenails or hide them in embarrassment. The laser treatment provided is the safest and the most effective treatment for fungal toenails.