Merrell Shoes Style & Comfort!

Are you sick of chunky, ugly joggers and hiking boots? Just because you live an active lifestyle doesn’t mean you don’t care about fashion. Merrell shoes are the answer. They are designed for all the activities you love with extreme comfort and flexibility, but also make a statement about you. They are the ultimate combination of practicality and style.

Merrell shoes were born in the Green Mountains of Vermont but have spread across the world over the past quarter century as more and more people decided it wasn’t fair that Vermont should have all the fun. Originating as a hiking boot, Merrell shoes has expanded and evolved along with the concept of “the outdoors” to include natural and urban footwear alike.

Women can count on Merrell comfort in, not only their hike boots and joggers, but also in sandals, slip-ons, office shoes and ballerina flats. They all employ a noticeably slimmer design than traditional outdoor footwear to ensure even the toughest of shoes retains their femininity and style.

Men also have the opportunity to enjoy Merrell shoes as many can smoothly transition from that jog to work to straight into the office. Merrell have more recently branched into street shoes, which look casually cool yet still include the comfort that makes Merrell the loved brand that it is.

If you are looking for extreme levels of comfort, Merrell is also a forerunner in the new trend of “barefooting”. This is regular running but with a shoe that feels barely there, as the low-profile sole contours to the shape of your insole. It is said to realign your posture and balance, stimulated by connecting you to the terrain, and at the same time strengthening your feet and leg muscles. Barefoot running helps wearers practice good form and technique in the way they walk and run.

The benefits of a comfortable shoe are ones preached by podiatrists all over. Merrell shoes in Brisbane can be found at leading podiatrist and footwear specialist, All Podiatry and its joint store, The Shoe Co. That Merrell is stocked by experts professionally trained in foot, ankle and lower-leg care is a testament to their quality and comfort levels.Check out the stylish and ultra-comfortable Merrells at the All Podiatry website: .

Feet Care & Repair

It’s easy to forget about our feet when it comes to a beauty routine. Faces get all the attention and, as me-time dwindles, our feet tend to miss out. But they are just as important as your face – perhaps even more so. They do, after all, carry the burden of your entire weight and serve the purpose of your mobility. Show your feet some love.

The most common problems that can come from neglected feet are corns, calluses, nail problems, plantar warts, hammer toes, bunions and ingrown toenails. These can be both painful and unattractive, especially upsetting for those who enjoy a nice shoe. But fear not, there are ways to help prevent these problems at home in your everyday beauty routines.

Step 1: Soak your feet

This can be done either in a tub for a minimum of ten minutes or, for a more fun (and mobile) option, you can fill plastic bags with water and tape them around your ankles to soak your feet as you walk around the house. Or out in public if you are really keen.

Step 2: Remove Dead Skin

Before drying your feet, use a foot file and/or pumice to remove as much dead skin off your feet as you can. Using a towel or paper towel you can then dry (and continue to exfoliate) your feet.

Step 3: Moisturise

Again using plastic bags, you can now moisturise your feet for added softness. Squeeze lotion into each bag and place foot on top, and then apply lotion to top of each foot. Tape bags around each ankle and you are then free to roam the house doing your everyday activities while you treat your feet. The longer you leave your feet moisturising, the more effective the result.

Step 4: Nail care

Once your skin is moisturised and beautiful, apply cuticle oil to your toe nails to soften and nourish.

These simple steps should be done weekly to keep your feet as cared for as possible. Some foot problems, however, need more than a plastic bag full of lotion. If you are experiencing persistent ailments on your feet, it is best to see a podiatrist. All Podiatry in Brisbane and Indooroopilly is the leading podiatrist and footwear specialist that can help you take your foot care and repair to the next level. They can prescribe shoe insoles or medications to help with slightly more serious conditions, such as heel spur syndrome, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia and skin splinters. Visit their website:

How Are Custom Made Orthotics Made?

Orthotics is an in-shoe device designed to realign feet and improve balance and function. They can be bought pre-fabricated from your local clinic or shoe shop to help in mild cases but for real results, podiatrists recommend custom orthotics. If you live in the Brisbane area and think you may need foot correction, have a talk to the leading specialists at All Podiatry.

All Podiatry creates custom orthotics based, as the name suggests, on your individual needs. As such, there is a process that is followed. An initial consultation will determine whether you need custom orthotics through an analysis of your walking and running style via video-recording. Slow-motion playback should reveal the source of your discomfort and the ways in which your feet need realignment. Poor foot alignment, untreated, can cause symptoms to spread up the leg to shins, knees, hips and backs. When prescribing orthotics, a podiatrist will take into consideration your foot type, shoe type, body weight and usual activity.

After the initial consultation, a plaster or foam casting appointment should be made. The podiatrist will create a cast of your foot while it is held in a neutral and desirable alignment position. This will be the shape of your orthotic.The cast is sent to a lab which digitally scans the mould and then creates the orthotic based on that size and shape data. The orthotic can be made from a variety of materials ranging from soft to firm and might be half, three quarter or full length depending on your specific needs.

When you are fitted with your orthotic, the podiatrist may make some minor adjustments to fit the shoe so it is important that you come wearing the shoes you intend for the orthotics to spend most of their time in. A check-in appointment will also be made for a few weeks later just to make sure everything is going fine and down the track alterations and updates can be made as your needs change.

Custom orthotics in Brisbane cost around $350 dependent on size and material, but if you consider the cost to your wellbeing, if you ignore the need for them, it is very worth it. Custom orthotics help people with rolling feet, calluses, heel spurs, bunions, joint pain after exercise, outward pointing feet, flat feet, and sore feet in general.

Contact All Podiatry today to enquire about custom orthotics: .