Benefits of Seeing a Podiatrist

A lot of people put off seeing medical professionals, but some ailments just can’t be ignored. Feet, ankles and legs bear the brunt of your body weight and are used constantly through walking and standing. It’s pretty hard to just put them out of service while you ignore the pain. You need to see a podiatrist.

Podiatrists are available through hospitals and clinics as well as privately, specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders concerning feet, ankles and the lower leg. They also specialise in preventative measures such as walking and running techniques. If you are suffering from any form of foot complaint, the benefits of seeing a podiatrist are many.

First and foremost, because podiatrists are specialists, they are more than general medicine practitioners, as they know the internal and external make-up of your foot, ankle and leg. They understand the symptoms and have experience in other cases like yours so they are more likely to quickly discern the problem and what can be done to fix it. While general medical practitioners are still feeling around, you could be diagnosed and on your way to recovery.

Another benefit of seeing a podiatrist over a general medical practitioner is that there is usually no need for referrals and sending you around to different places. Podiatrists can make basic prescriptions as well as perform surgeries so your condition and progress can be monitored by a single specialist. This means a more personal understanding of your disorder and therefore, a more valuable assessment. It also means a lot less wasted time crossing between practitioners and re-explaining your discomfort.

Podiatrists are dedicated professionals who know exactly what you are going through and what you need them to do to help. Their expertise makes them the most communicable and effective solution to your disorder. If you suffer from diabetes, high glucose levels, inactivity, or are a smoker, it is extra important that you take care of your feet so any signs of trouble should be checked on sooner rather than later.

If you are looking for a podiatrist in Brisbane or Indooroopilly, All Podiatry and The Shoe Co are the leading podiatrist and footwear specialists. They combine podiatrist care with a range of shoes perfect for sore feet or just feet wanting optimum support. They are the podiatrists for the Brisbane Lions, Brisbane Broncos and Queensland Bulls. If you have foot, ankle or lower-leg problems, visit the All Podiatry website:

Ecco Shoes – The Scandinavian Designed Shoe!

Ecco shoes have found a niche and it is one that many of us had hoped would be cracked. It is the niche of comfortable shoes that are genuinely stylish. A Scandinavian brand, Ecco, is now a world leader in quality designs with comfort in mind. They are utilised by sports and fitness organisations and are specifically dedicated to golf shoes. On the other end of the spectrum, Ecco shoes also cater for formal and business footwear. They are favoured by podiatrists that wish to offer their patients something better than gaudy corrective shoes for sore feet.

Ecco are technology leaders in sports shoes. They founded the BIOM project, which studied the biomechanics of sport to produce a natural motion philosophy that rejects the over-cushioning of footwear, which is actually counter-productive, in favour of highly flexible anatomically-shaped shoe construction. As a result of the BIOM project, Ecco uses direct-injection technology, anatomical flex grooves and anatomically placed impact zones to create world class performance and comfort in their running, walking, training, and golf shoes.

In their range of formal shoes, Ecco is equally committed to comfort. They are particularly dedicated to creating the perfect fashionable boot that can be worn all day long without discomfort. This is achieved through a shock absorbing latex outsole and the use of leather to absorb moisture, keeping feet dry and comfortable. In all of their shoes, Ecco cares about more than just the feel of the shoe. They are all Scandinavian designed with the best fabrics and materials to be stylish beyond temporary trends. All designs are classic and timeless.

Ecco is also well received by podiatrists all over the world. Ecco shoes in Brisbane are recommended by leading Podiatrist, All Podiatry and its joint footwear specialist, The Shoe Co. They are the podiatrists for sports teams including the Brisbane Broncos, Brisbane Lions and Queensland Bulls. All Podiatry touts Ecco shoes as a product of quality, lightness, softness, flexibility and comfort. That they stock Ecco shoes is a testament to their effectiveness in treating sore feet, alleviating weight and pressure from feet, and preventing some of the ailments associated with wearing inferior footwear. Visit the All Podiatry website for more on their range of Ecco shoes: .

‘All Podiatry’ Expert Leads the Way for Industry Competitors

Alan McCulloch is the experienced podiatrist behind the successful All Podiatry business in Brisbane. His successful career began in 1989 and throughout his 20 years experience Alan has provided treatment and advice to many top grade Australian sports teams including the Australian Cricket Team, Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Bulls as well as several triathlon organisations.

Alan began his podiatry career with a passion for customer service and health care.
“My job is all about problem solving. People come in with pain or discomfort and I look for an answer. I get enjoyment out of working with and helping people.”

As the Principal of All Podiatry and The Shoe Co, Alan splits his time between treating Australian sports teams and helping the residents of Brisbane with their podiatry needs. He is also responsible for the training and development of the staff at All Podiatry.
“I am heavily involved as a mentor for the podiatrists working in our practice to challenge them to do [the best] job possible.”

Alan has also worked in close conjunction with Adidas on the development of podiatry footwear. “The evolution of podiatrists embracing footwear as part of their practice is much the same as how optometrists use glasses and sunglasses in their practice.”

All Podiatry was the first to incorporate a shoe store into their practice, setting the standard for other podiatry businesses around Australia.

“When I first started I realised it was hard to separate footwear and podiatry so I embraced it… I am proud to say we have a booth maker in house who is not only able to manufacture orthotics, but can also perform footwear modifications…Now lots of practices are attempting the same format.”

Alan believes the footwear revolution is the future of the podiatry profession.
“A lot of the current changes have been made due to advances in materials technology and advanced research… currently there is a push for footwear that is more minimal, less controlling and allowing more natural motion.”

Alan McCulloch takes great pride in All Podiatry as a leader in innovation and practice standards. His business is based around the idea that every person deserves the highest quality podiatry care – from the latest research and assessment tools to the very best in experience and technique.

“[At All Podiatry,] we work closely with surgeons, general doctors, trainers and physios to constantly improve our treatment philosophy… We try to make sure that if it involves a foot problem, we can fix it.”