‘All Podiatry’ Expert Leads the Way for Industry Competitors

Alan McCulloch is the experienced podiatrist behind the successful All Podiatry business in Brisbane. His successful career began in 1989 and throughout his 20 years experience Alan has provided treatment and advice to many top grade Australian sports teams including the Australian Cricket Team, Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Bulls as well as several triathlon organisations.

Alan began his podiatry career with a passion for customer service and health care.
“My job is all about problem solving. People come in with pain or discomfort and I look for an answer. I get enjoyment out of working with and helping people.”

As the Principal of All Podiatry and The Shoe Co, Alan splits his time between treating Australian sports teams and helping the residents of Brisbane with their podiatry needs. He is also responsible for the training and development of the staff at All Podiatry.
“I am heavily involved as a mentor for the podiatrists working in our practice to challenge them to do [the best] job possible.”

Alan has also worked in close conjunction with Adidas on the development of podiatry footwear. “The evolution of podiatrists embracing footwear as part of their practice is much the same as how optometrists use glasses and sunglasses in their practice.”

All Podiatry was the first to incorporate a shoe store into their practice, setting the standard for other podiatry businesses around Australia.

“When I first started I realised it was hard to separate footwear and podiatry so I embraced it… I am proud to say we have a booth maker in house who is not only able to manufacture orthotics, but can also perform footwear modifications…Now lots of practices are attempting the same format.”

Alan believes the footwear revolution is the future of the podiatry profession.
“A lot of the current changes have been made due to advances in materials technology and advanced research… currently there is a push for footwear that is more minimal, less controlling and allowing more natural motion.”

Alan McCulloch takes great pride in All Podiatry as a leader in innovation and practice standards. His business is based around the idea that every person deserves the highest quality podiatry care – from the latest research and assessment tools to the very best in experience and technique.

“[At All Podiatry,] we work closely with surgeons, general doctors, trainers and physios to constantly improve our treatment philosophy… We try to make sure that if it involves a foot problem, we can fix it.”

Feet Care & Repair

It’s easy to forget about our feet when it comes to a beauty routine. Faces get all the attention and, as me-time dwindles, our feet tend to miss out. But they are just as important as your face – perhaps even more so. They do, after all, carry the burden of your entire weight and serve the purpose of your mobility. Show your feet some love.

The most common problems that can come from neglected feet are corns, calluses, nail problems, plantar warts, hammer toes, bunions and ingrown toenails. These can be both painful and unattractive, especially upsetting for those who enjoy a nice shoe. But fear not, there are ways to help prevent these problems at home in your everyday beauty routines.

Step 1: Soak your feet

This can be done either in a tub for a minimum of ten minutes or, for a more fun (and mobile) option, you can fill plastic bags with water and tape them around your ankles to soak your feet as you walk around the house. Or out in public if you are really keen.

Step 2: Remove Dead Skin

Before drying your feet, use a foot file and/or pumice to remove as much dead skin off your feet as you can. Using a towel or paper towel you can then dry (and continue to exfoliate) your feet.

Step 3: Moisturise

Again using plastic bags, you can now moisturise your feet for added softness. Squeeze lotion into each bag and place foot on top, and then apply lotion to top of each foot. Tape bags around each ankle and you are then free to roam the house doing your everyday activities while you treat your feet. The longer you leave your feet moisturising, the more effective the result.

Step 4: Nail care

Once your skin is moisturised and beautiful, apply cuticle oil to your toe nails to soften and nourish.

These simple steps should be done weekly to keep your feet as cared for as possible. Some foot problems, however, need more than a plastic bag full of lotion. If you are experiencing persistent ailments on your feet, it is best to see a podiatrist. All Podiatry in Brisbane and Indooroopilly is the leading podiatrist and footwear specialist that can help you take your foot care and repair to the next level. They can prescribe shoe insoles or medications to help with slightly more serious conditions, such as heel spur syndrome, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia and skin splinters. Visit their website: www.allpodiatry.com.au.

Diabetes and Feet – Shoes, Care and More…

Pizza and beer? Coffee and doughnuts? How about – diabetes and feet. Just as the initial two are synonymous with each other, a little known fact is the relationship between diabetes and feet. Unfortunately, unlike pizza and beer or coffee and doughnuts, the relationship between these two things isn’t good.

With diabetes sufferers being more prone to infection, damaged nerves and blocked arteries – the legs and feet are particularly exposed to severe problems that can and often lead to amputation and severe pain in the lower limbs. There are a few factors that increase the risk of damage, these include:

  • The length of your diabetes
  • Extended period of high blood glucose levels
  • Smoking
  • Inactivity

Luckily, there are ways to prevent damage occurring with the most basic forms of prevention as follows:

  • General foot care – this includes attending to injuries (such as cuts, blisters and sores) immediately, cutting toenails straight across, avoiding direct heat, regular moisturising, use of loose fitting socks (to allow blood flow) and know your foot well.
  • Regular podiatrist check ups – Diabetes Australia recommends annual check ups for low risk feet and every 3 – 6 months for high risk. Check ups will generally monitor and treat blood flow, feeling and reflexes, dryness, calluses and infections etc. If you’re after a podiatrist in Brisbane, visit All Podiatry. A podiatrist is also able to give further information on foot care around the home.
  • Shoes – shoes for diabetics should have a looser fit than normal to allow for continued blood circulation. All Podiatry, a podiatrist in Brisbane can fit shoes for diabetics to allow circulation as well as prevent ulcers and blisters.

With this simple care preventing severe foot problems will become a regular, simple task. All Podiatry in Brisbane also specialise in custom orthotics in Brisbane, toe and nail care and all other things foot related.