‘All Podiatry’ Expert Leads the Way for Industry Competitors

Alan McCulloch is the experienced podiatrist behind the successful All Podiatry business in Brisbane. His successful career began in 1989 and throughout his 20 years experience Alan has provided treatment and advice to many top grade Australian sports teams including the Australian Cricket Team, Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Bulls as well as several triathlon organisations.

Alan began his podiatry career with a passion for customer service and health care.
“My job is all about problem solving. People come in with pain or discomfort and I look for an answer. I get enjoyment out of working with and helping people.”

As the Principal of All Podiatry and The Shoe Co, Alan splits his time between treating Australian sports teams and helping the residents of Brisbane with their podiatry needs. He is also responsible for the training and development of the staff at All Podiatry.
“I am heavily involved as a mentor for the podiatrists working in our practice to challenge them to do [the best] job possible.”

Alan has also worked in close conjunction with Adidas on the development of podiatry footwear. “The evolution of podiatrists embracing footwear as part of their practice is much the same as how optometrists use glasses and sunglasses in their practice.”

All Podiatry was the first to incorporate a shoe store into their practice, setting the standard for other podiatry businesses around Australia.

“When I first started I realised it was hard to separate footwear and podiatry so I embraced it… I am proud to say we have a booth maker in house who is not only able to manufacture orthotics, but can also perform footwear modifications…Now lots of practices are attempting the same format.”

Alan believes the footwear revolution is the future of the podiatry profession.
“A lot of the current changes have been made due to advances in materials technology and advanced research… currently there is a push for footwear that is more minimal, less controlling and allowing more natural motion.”

Alan McCulloch takes great pride in All Podiatry as a leader in innovation and practice standards. His business is based around the idea that every person deserves the highest quality podiatry care – from the latest research and assessment tools to the very best in experience and technique.

“[At All Podiatry,] we work closely with surgeons, general doctors, trainers and physios to constantly improve our treatment philosophy… We try to make sure that if it involves a foot problem, we can fix it.”

How Are Custom Made Orthotics Made?

Orthotics is an in-shoe device designed to realign feet and improve balance and function. They can be bought pre-fabricated from your local clinic or shoe shop to help in mild cases but for real results, podiatrists recommend custom orthotics. If you live in the Brisbane area and think you may need foot correction, have a talk to the leading specialists at All Podiatry.

All Podiatry creates custom orthotics based, as the name suggests, on your individual needs. As such, there is a process that is followed. An initial consultation will determine whether you need custom orthotics through an analysis of your walking and running style via video-recording. Slow-motion playback should reveal the source of your discomfort and the ways in which your feet need realignment. Poor foot alignment, untreated, can cause symptoms to spread up the leg to shins, knees, hips and backs. When prescribing orthotics, a podiatrist will take into consideration your foot type, shoe type, body weight and usual activity.

After the initial consultation, a plaster or foam casting appointment should be made. The podiatrist will create a cast of your foot while it is held in a neutral and desirable alignment position. This will be the shape of your orthotic.The cast is sent to a lab which digitally scans the mould and then creates the orthotic based on that size and shape data. The orthotic can be made from a variety of materials ranging from soft to firm and might be half, three quarter or full length depending on your specific needs.

When you are fitted with your orthotic, the podiatrist may make some minor adjustments to fit the shoe so it is important that you come wearing the shoes you intend for the orthotics to spend most of their time in. A check-in appointment will also be made for a few weeks later just to make sure everything is going fine and down the track alterations and updates can be made as your needs change.

Custom orthotics in Brisbane cost around $350 dependent on size and material, but if you consider the cost to your wellbeing, if you ignore the need for them, it is very worth it. Custom orthotics help people with rolling feet, calluses, heel spurs, bunions, joint pain after exercise, outward pointing feet, flat feet, and sore feet in general.

Contact All Podiatry today to enquire about custom orthotics: www.allpodiatry.com.au .

What Are Sport Orthotics?

Painful ankles, toes, feet, shins or knees? If you want to get relief from these problematic areas, then there is a solution for them – Sports Orthotics. It is a ‘shoe sole’ which has been introduced to provide relief and functionality to feet and nearby regions.

The primary motive of this device is to provide natural functionality to feet so that all encompassing pains can be completely alleviated from it. Besides, making the feet completely relieved also boosts up the working mechanism of the overall body, thereby making an individual feel relaxed and refreshed. Sports orthotics – A true pain reliever!

In addition to this, it is also used as a tool by podiatrists in order to correct structural problems of feet. It is necessary to eliminate these issues as they can lead to further problems in muscles and joints of the upper body. Chances of such problems are more among athletes and other individuals who carry on more physical exercises.

Individuals must be thinking how this shoe insert can help them out in getting relief from all kinds of feet related pain.

  • Sport orthodics can help individuals to overcome their genetic foot conditions related with flat fleet. It is also useful in curing high aches that can cause hindrance to proper pronation of the foot.
  • People can also make use of this amazing device to get rid of pain from all around the feet to maintain the pressure level which increases the over performing of sports activities.
  • Injuries that can cause Achilles tendonitis, pain in ankle, knee, toe and shin, sports orthotics can provide instant relief with use of this truly effective unit.
  • Gait issues related with walking, running and sometimes even standing of a person can be easily corrected with the use of Sports orthotics.
  • It is even suitable for people with more weight. Due to their excess weight they are not able to walk properly and tend to have pain in their legs and upper parts of body. In such situations, this amazing device can be used. It relieves out the senses of the feet, thereby making them less stressful and tired and suitable for walking for long hours.
  • Plantar fasciitis is another problem that occurs on the sole of the feet due to excessive stretching of bad tissues. A bad pain is felt in the morning and only Sports orthotics can cure it.
  • Corns, heel pain, bunions, pain in foot top, ankle sprains, sesamoiditis, metatarsalgia, shin pain, neuroma and arch pain are other attackers that can be combated with the use of this device.

Sports orthotics are designed uniquely. From toe to heel, the entire foot length is covered by them. Along with an arch support crafted with EVA it is inclusive of shock absorber which makes it suitable to wear all day long. Extra cushioning, greater absorbent of sweat and suitable to be worn for combating all types of foot pains make the Sports orthotics a must use unit by all.

Do I Need Foot Orthotics?

Foot orthotics are a simple and easy way to treat a number of problems, not only affecting the feet, but also the ankle, shin, knee, upper thigh, hip and back areas. Pain can be caused by several reasons, the most common being an imbalance in the bone structure of the feet, which in turn can lead to more serious problems if not treated promptly. A simple and discreet cushioned insert placed into your normal footwear can alleviate the pain and help to re-balance and align the body back into its correct posture.

However, foot orthotics are not just used for bone structural problems; those suffering from conditions such as Achilles tendinitis, ankle sprains, metatarsalgia and neuroma will find that the padded inserts not only evenly out weight distribution to the foot area and minimise pain, but also help to speed up the recovery time.

People who spend a lot of time on their feet will find that foot orthotics can greatly improve their posture and help lessen the strain on the feet, providing a cushioning effect and adding extra comfort to any shoe type. Runners or sports enthusiasts can also benefit from foot orthotics, as recent studies have revealed that they can reduce shock absorption by up to 15%, which will help to prevent future injuries.

So what exactly are foot orthotics? They are padded insoles that fit inside of your normal footwear. These special insoles are made out of specially developed synthetic materials, and come in many forms including gels, foams and laminates. As well as helping any medical problems, users of foot orthotics will find that they have a cushioning effect and provide extra comfort and support to any shoe type. Foot orthotics do not require a doctor’s prescription.

If you are experiencing unbearable pain, or have unusual growths or lumps on the foot area, it is advisable to make an appointment with your podiatrist, who will be able to give a full professional diagnosis.