Treatment for Your Nagging Bunions

A bunion is a common problem occurring mostly in women due to faulty footwear. In this condition, the base of the big toe becomes prominent as a bony protuberance. The big toe starts angling in towards the second toe, sometimes going over but generally under the second toe. Wearing of shoes becomes extremely difficult because of the bony protuberance which is painful as well.

Improper footwear is the major cause of the formation of bunions and if left untreated the problem can aggravate, making walking and wearing shoes extremely difficult.

One should visit a foot doctor in Brisbane on the first signs of bunion formation. Early detection can prevent the problem from aggravating. Various podiatrists for bunions treatment in Brisbane provide adequate treatment options and therefore, should be contacted immediately.

Treatment for the bunions

Non surgical methods:

  • A foot doctor in Brisbane would firstly recommend a change of footwear to relieve the symptoms of bunions. This would also inhibit the progress of bunion formation. The shoes should have a good arch support, wide toe-box with minimal slope so that the feet get adequate rest and support. Replace aesthetics with comfort.
  • Medications are effective in reducing the size of the bunion, the pain and the associated discomfort to an extent.
  • Application of ice packs is another method which provides relief from bunion pain. It also reduces the swelling.
  • Bunions treatment in Brisbane include the use of spacers and cushioning bunion pads, which provide relief from pain when any kind of pressure is exerted on the toe or the bunion. The toe spacers provide proper positioning of the toes and hence relieve the big toe pain.
  • Alternative medical procedures like acupuncture are also helpful in treating painful bunions. The use of acupuncture needles at the right place stimulates the energy meridians promoting healing of the bunions naturally.
  • A foot doctor in Brisbane can also recommend physical therapy as a non-surgical treatment method for the bunions. Regular massages can reduce the bunion size and even cure it altogether.

Surgery: severe cases of bunions have to be treated surgically. Bunionectomy or the surgical removal of the bunion involves the removal of the extra mass of tissue at the base of the big toe along with the removal of some part of the bone so that the big toe straightens up.

A surgical procedure involves some risk, however; surgeons in Brisbane are efficient and experienced to carry out the procedure. However, one must remember that new bunions may appear on the metatarsophalangeal joint if proper foot care is not taken.

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