Ecco Shoes – Comfortable yet Chic!

For anyone that wears shoes, you will know the difficulty in finding a pair that genuinely combines comfort and style. But they do exist! They are called Ecco shoes and are more than just footwear, they are an investment. Sleek, trendy and, most importantly, comfortable, Ecco shoes are created from quality materials and made to last. They are Scandinavian designed and inspired by fashion and art.

Ecco shoes come in all styles for men and women ranging from sandals to boots to joggers to dress shoes to even heels. Yes, even their heels are comfortable. No longer must a nice party dress be teamed with joggers if one intends on actually dancing. No longer must one spend the second half of a night on the town sitting nursing their feet. No longer must a pair of thongs be stashed in one’s handbag for the walk from the office to the train after work. Comfortable heels are the holy grail of the fashion-conscious woman.

Men too can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable and stylish shoe. In the work place, there is often an unspoken association between a man’s dress and his status within the office. A fine shoe can denote power and prestige. In a pair of leather Ecco shoes, men can retain that status minus the corns and blisters.

The secret in all of the shoes is that the outsole is made of latex with shock absorbing properties. This means each time your foot hits the ground it will feel padded and soft rather than hard and jarring. The combination of style and comfort make Ecco shoes an excellent choice for office footwear and weekend footwear alike.

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Preventative Tips for Those Painful Ingrown Toenails

As the name suggests, an ingrown toenail is a condition of the nail of the toe, which starts growing inwards in the skin of the toe causing extreme pain and discomfort. Also known by names like unguis incarnates or onychocryptosis, the ingrown toenail occurs when the nail starts digging into the toe skin. In the ingrown toenail condition the curling of the toenail inwards into the skin occurs. This, if continues, gives rise to inflammation and to the growth of extra tissue with yellowish fluid or pus inside.

The problem is more common in men than women while it is a rarity to find the problem occurring in infants and children. Although all toenails are susceptible to grow inwards, it is usually the big toe that is mostly affected.

Ingrown nail treatment is extremely important because an untreated ingrown toenail can result in an infection or form an abscess which can be removed only surgically. Before knowing the ingrown nail treatment it is imperative to understand the causes of the problem.

Causes of ingrown toe nails

  • Ill fitting, tight or too small shoes are a major cause of the toenails growing inwards. The tight shoes compress the nails against the skin causing them to grow in the tissue.

  • Diabetic patients are more susceptible to have the problem as diabetes leads to poor blood circulation to the feet increasing the chances of ingrown toenails

  • Improper trimming and cutting of the nails also contribute to the ingrown toenails. Rounded toenails, cause the nail edges to grow into the skin of the toe

  • Injury to the toe by way of someone stepping on the toe, stubbing of the toe or continuous pressure on the toe, as in the case of playing football can cause the nails to grow inwards.

  • Fleshy toes are more likely to have the problem of ingrown toenails and therefore, people having swollen feet should take adequate care to prevent the problem.

Preventive tips to avoid getting ingrown toenails

Nail treatment in Brisbane provides the following preventive tips so that the problem can be avoided.

  • Adequate and good feet care is very important. Therefore, trim the nails properly and keep them straight and not rounded. Let the nails grow beyond the toe sides and then trim them so that they are straight. In addition, do not cut the nails too short as this would make the shoes press them against the skin and cause them to grow inwards.

  • Professional ingrown nail treatment is required if the condition occurs due to diabetes. Podiatrists can diagnose and provide relevant solutions to the problem with effective diabetes management.

  • One should not wear too tight or too small shoes or socks as this, causes the feet to be compressed. In addition, one should avoid wearing closed shoes for a long time.

Ways to Treat Your Fungal Toenails

Fungal toenails can be quite ugly to have and often those who have them hide them in embarrassment. Nail fungus causes the nails to become discoloured, yellow, brittle, thick and ugly. The situation can worsen to such an extent that the thick nails make wearing shoes extremely painful.

Often women hide their fungal toenails with the help of nail polish, but this only aggravates the problem of fungus and does not bring any respite. The only way to be free of the ugly fungal toenails is to get them treated. Various podiatrists experienced in nail treatment in Brisbane offer a wide range of services to remove the fungus and make one’s feet healthy and fungus free. Here are some of the methods of nail treatment in Brisbane:

Vinegar Baths: since vinegar helps in stopping bacterial growth, it is the ideal product to cure fungal toenails. Therefore, as a nail treatment method one should soak their hands and feet in vinegar bath to stop the growth of nail fungus. One part of vinegar with two parts of lukewarm water is the ideal vinegar bath mixture, which should be used daily for 15-20 minutes. However, one should dry off the hands and feet thoroughly so that the nail fungus does not get the conducive moist environment to grow again.

Oral medications: oral medicines are helpful in the sense that they help in the growth of new nails. As the new nails grow the existing fungus infected part can be trimmed off gradually giving way to new and healthy nails altogether.

Antifungal lacquer: certain antifungal lacquers are helpful in inhibiting the growth of the fungus found in nails, skin and hair. The lacquer can be applied as a nail polish every day to be completely removed after a week’s repetition. The procedure may then be started again after complete removal.

Nail Laser Therapy Treatment

Nail Laser Therapy Treatment

Laser treatment: an effective nail treatment in Brisbane is that of the laser therapy, where a laser is used on the fungus to kill it. A specific wavelength of laser energy is directly focused on the fungus killing it while the surrounding tissues, skin and nail remain intact. Often a single session of laser treatment is enough for treating the fungal toenails, however, in more severe cases, there could be more sessions.

Of all the fungal toenail treatment methods, the laser treatment is not only the best one, but it is also the safest, the quickest and the most effective treatment method. Therefore, anyone suffering from fungal toenails should opt for the laser therapy to get rid of those ugly, discoloured and infected toenails.