How Are Custom Made Orthotics Made?

Orthotics is an in-shoe device designed to realign feet and improve balance and function. They can be bought pre-fabricated from your local clinic or shoe shop to help in mild cases but for real results, podiatrists recommend custom orthotics. If you live in the Brisbane area and think you may need foot correction, have a talk to the leading specialists at All Podiatry.

All Podiatry creates custom orthotics based, as the name suggests, on your individual needs. As such, there is a process that is followed. An initial consultation will determine whether you need custom orthotics through an analysis of your walking and running style via video-recording. Slow-motion playback should reveal the source of your discomfort and the ways in which your feet need realignment. Poor foot alignment, untreated, can cause symptoms to spread up the leg to shins, knees, hips and backs. When prescribing orthotics, a podiatrist will take into consideration your foot type, shoe type, body weight and usual activity.

After the initial consultation, a plaster or foam casting appointment should be made. The podiatrist will create a cast of your foot while it is held in a neutral and desirable alignment position. This will be the shape of your orthotic.The cast is sent to a lab which digitally scans the mould and then creates the orthotic based on that size and shape data. The orthotic can be made from a variety of materials ranging from soft to firm and might be half, three quarter or full length depending on your specific needs.

When you are fitted with your orthotic, the podiatrist may make some minor adjustments to fit the shoe so it is important that you come wearing the shoes you intend for the orthotics to spend most of their time in. A check-in appointment will also be made for a few weeks later just to make sure everything is going fine and down the track alterations and updates can be made as your needs change.

Custom orthotics in Brisbane cost around $350 dependent on size and material, but if you consider the cost to your wellbeing, if you ignore the need for them, it is very worth it. Custom orthotics help people with rolling feet, calluses, heel spurs, bunions, joint pain after exercise, outward pointing feet, flat feet, and sore feet in general.

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