Merrell Shoes Style & Comfort!

Are you sick of chunky, ugly joggers and hiking boots? Just because you live an active lifestyle doesn’t mean you don’t care about fashion. Merrell shoes are the answer. They are designed for all the activities you love with extreme comfort and flexibility, but also make a statement about you. They are the ultimate combination of practicality and style.

Merrell shoes were born in the Green Mountains of Vermont but have spread across the world over the past quarter century as more and more people decided it wasn’t fair that Vermont should have all the fun. Originating as a hiking boot, Merrell shoes has expanded and evolved along with the concept of “the outdoors” to include natural and urban footwear alike.

Women can count on Merrell comfort in, not only their hike boots and joggers, but also in sandals, slip-ons, office shoes and ballerina flats. They all employ a noticeably slimmer design than traditional outdoor footwear to ensure even the toughest of shoes retains their femininity and style.

Men also have the opportunity to enjoy Merrell shoes as many can smoothly transition from that jog to work to straight into the office. Merrell have more recently branched into street shoes, which look casually cool yet still include the comfort that makes Merrell the loved brand that it is.

If you are looking for extreme levels of comfort, Merrell is also a forerunner in the new trend of “barefooting”. This is regular running but with a shoe that feels barely there, as the low-profile sole contours to the shape of your insole. It is said to realign your posture and balance, stimulated by connecting you to the terrain, and at the same time strengthening your feet and leg muscles. Barefoot running helps wearers practice good form and technique in the way they walk and run.

The benefits of a comfortable shoe are ones preached by podiatrists all over. Merrell shoes in Brisbane can be found at leading podiatrist and footwear specialist, All Podiatry and its joint store, The Shoe Co. That Merrell is stocked by experts professionally trained in foot, ankle and lower-leg care is a testament to their quality and comfort levels.Check out the stylish and ultra-comfortable Merrells at the All Podiatry website: .